News: Redevelopment Plans For A Livelier Section 13 Proposed

Mar 16, 2020

Major redevelopments are planned for Section 13 Petaling Jaya to make the industrial area, which comes with office lots and buildings, livelier for city folk.

The plans, which include a linear park, pedestrian-friendly streets and an elevated bridge, are being proposed under the Petaling Jaya Section 13 Special Area Draft Plan, First Amendment by Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ), reported The Star.

No changes in the plot ratio will be made in the redevelopment plan, as the amendment will only “enable this section to be improved”, said Bukit Gasing assemblyman Rajiv Rishyakaran.

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The linear park is set to be built along a monsoon drain between Jalan 13/4 and Jalan 13/6 that leads into Sungai Penchala.

It will feature a river promenade, a terrace sitting, bio-swale pond and a floodgate.

Community gardens targeted at bringing communities together were also among the linear park’s interesting components, added Rajiv.

Such park is seen to have a potential to be developed into a green space for recreational purposes. It would also optimise the river’s ecological factor and support the city’s growth towards sustainability.

Moreover, it will enable businesses to be established along Sungai Penchala.

The city council, however, still needs to discuss about compensation and incentives with affected landowners in order for the project to materialise.

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As to connecting footpaths, Rajiv noted that Jalan 13/4 and Jalan 13/6 currently “do not have footpaths and are not conducive for walking”.

Thus, the city council eyes to build more conducive footpaths in the area to let the public stroll from one corner of Section 13 to another easily.

“As a Central Business Development (CBD), these areas must be walkable and there should be no fence or wall blocking the roads,” Rajiv added.

The width of the proposed footpaths will be between 2m and 2.4m with 1.5m buffer from the roads that have trees.

MBPJ is also constructing underground drainage at different areas in Section 13.

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Lastly, MBPJ likewise recommended an elevated bridge from Jalan Semangat to Section 12, connecting Section 52, known as the iconic bridge.

It is proposed to be 1.5km long and will connect Section 13 with Section 52 across Jalan Utara.

Through the bridge, MBPJ hopes to reduce traffic congestion in Section 13 as it will also have space for pedestrians and cyclists.

Ramps and skyway between Jalan Utara, Plaza 33, Jalan Semangat, and the Section 14 commercial area are also being suggested.

Residents, on the other hand, expressed concerns as to the inaccuracy of the plans viewed through artists’ impressions.

“When they talk about elevated bridges and footpaths, would it encroach onto the space of neighbourhoods outside Section 13, such as Section 14?”

“We would like to know how this would benefit us, the older neighbours too,” said Residents Association (RA) chairman for Jalan 14/1 to 14/15, Selva Sugumaran.

Selva likewise relayed their concern as to the possibility of the city getting denser, opining that the city council should plan cautiously before letting new high-rise buildings to be built in the area, considering the growing knowledge economy that will result to people working away from the office.

“We welcome the well-intended plans by MBPJ to beautify this section,” he said. “However, we hope that the council will not aspire to become a densely populated city.”

Rajiv revealed that the redevelopment is expected to be completed within five years.


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